BOOK REVIEW | One Lavender Ribbon – Heather Burch

“Love doesn’t always go the way we hope, but that doesn’t mean we can stop living. It doesn’t mean love isn’t a beautiful thing.” – Heather Burch, One Lavender Ribbon

Adrienne used her divorce settlement to buy a home along the beach in Florida and moved her life from Chicago to invest her time into its restoration. In the midst of her works she finds a stack of old letters coming from a man fighting in WWII, to the apparent love of his life. She sets out to find this man in hopes of returning the letters to their rightful owner, and forms a close bond with him (Pops) and his overprotective grandson Will, with whom he lives. The two disagree about most and struggle to find a way to merge their idea of “living.” Arguably, Pops is the most dimensional character in this novel as Will and Adrienne’s personalities are incredibly transparent. The ending of the book aims to be poetic but for me, fell flat. However, as I said before – I do see this book finding an audience.

I hemmed and hawed over what to say about this book. I don’t have a definitive “YES, YES: READ NOW” or a “Good god, NO run far, far away.” The book is cute. I found Burch’s writing to be overly clichéd and flower-y but admired the WWII tid-bits in the story. I found myself skimming most of the book but especially the over-the-top letters which were arguably the center of the story, I think meant to be incredibly romantic and heartwarming. I found them akin to dipping cotton candy in icing and covering it with caramel and sprinkles, yuck (to much of a good thing… if you catch my wave brah). The predictable plot and my distaste for the writing style make it hard for me to recommend this book but, I think there is potential for many people to enjoy this book more than I did.


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