BOOK REVIEW | Beautiful Disaster – Jamie McGuire

“You’re so much better than that, Pidge. Don’t let him fuck you in the car like a cheap prom date.” – Travis Maddox 

With something like 5,000+ reviews on Amazon, Beautiful Disaster is a popular read in the growing genre of New Adult fiction (NA). Many readers have professed their undying love for McGuire and the characters she has created in this series (Beautiful Disaster is the first installment of the Maddox Brothers series).

I may not be in that undying love cohort, but I’m woman enough to admit that I’ve been single for a while… if we’re being real (and I strive to be) the last time I checked there were cobwebs on my lady parts. Was that TMI? So sorry. My point being, that while as a whole I was pretty “eh” about this book, there are definitely some scenes that had me like…

But… This is not an eloquently written, beautiful love story and it’s probably not meant to be (at least I hope it’s not). I will give McGuire the compliment of maintaining a semblance of a plot/storyline while still being sexy. It really doesn’t deviant too far from, what I find to be the standard formula of the NA genre: our two lead characters, Travis and Abby are 1) the most beautiful human-being male to walk upright and, 2) the unlikely but drop-dead gorgeous, maxim 100, peoples most beautiful female, who must try (but fail) to avoid falling for said beautiful man. Unbeknownst to him as to why, female will do her damndest to avoid falling for him, even going as far as dating someone else she has zero chemistry with (THE HORROR).

Massive amounts of sexual tension ensue as male only has eyes for the seemingly uninterested (but actually super interested) female. Unable to resist the undeniable charm of our human hulk, female eventually gives in (hooray for sexy time – don’t judge, cobwebs people!!) and the two share a love so deep that you start to question every single relationship you’ve ever been in (was it even real?!?!?!). Unfortunately, beautiful male fucks up (as per usual, sorry dudes), forcing our beautiful damsel to confront old demons and a resolute decision to end their courtship. (Oh god, here comes the *unbearable misery*) But alas, our gorgeous lovebirds find their way back to one another and it is all very rainbows and butterflies (cue Maroon 5 softly playing in the background).

Now, if you want me to get down and dirty, and into the nitty gritty (which I will, regardless of what you really want), let me say this- I find that any book following the typical NA genre has to find a way to stand out, whether it’s the setting of the book, a plot twist or the voice of the characters, preferably all 3. Beautiful Disaster makes a valiant effort to have an interesting setting and a decently surprising plot twist. However, I found Travis to be an unbearably annoying character. Honestly, I don’t condone violence but I would’ve been down to go to the circle just to get an opportunity to throw a few punches in his direction. The nickname he gives Abby, Pigeon or “Pidge” for short, (because a nickname for a nickname is a thing right??) makes my skin crawl and my blood boil every single time I read it. He’s insanely jealous, needy and a huge pussy around Abby. As a strong independent woman myself, I do not need a man whimpering at the sound of my voice. Good g-d my man, grow some balls.

On the other hand, Abby has a mildly interesting back story and her character isn’t as obnoxious as her male counterpart but not by a lot. I enjoyed her relationship with her bestie4lyfe America, and she seemed to have a good amount of sass, that of which I can relate. I was impressed by her ability to resist Travis for as long as she did, he may be annoying and unbearable but dude sounded fineeeee (women have needs too ;)).

If you’ve read Beautiful Disaster what were your thoughts about Travis and Abby? Am I the lone soldier who didn’t find this book amazing?



  1. hopelessbookaddict

    I pretty much felt exactly the same way. The book was so chock full of cliches and drama, but you know what? I really enjoyed myself. Not a mega fan (and haven’t read any of the other books since), but I was entertained. Don’t know what that says about me 😛

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