So I am sitting here in my bed eating a blueberry bagel (such an underrated flavor) just contemplating how to prevent my ovaries from exploding tomorrow when I see Ed Sheeran. Whilst doing so, I realized I have yet to get the hang of this whole ‘posting on your blog regularly’ thing, but I am changing my ways folks! I have a couple of posts lined up for you guys but I thought I’d start off with this fun book tag/survey/meme (I’m sorry I don’t know the lingo yet!!) that I stole from the wonderful Romance Novels for the Beach.

A: Author you’ve read the most books from                

I would like to award that honor to Meg Cabot. I religiously read allThe Princess Diaries books and The Mediator series when I was younger. As I aged, I read some of her other series like the Queen of Babble and Size 12 Isn’t Fat. I know she has some stand-alone novels that I have read as well but I can’t recall which ones off the top of my head. 

B: Best sequel ever                                                                             

Sophomore slump or comeback of the year right? Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Hands down. 

C: Currently reading                                                                                       

The Fortune Hunter – Daisy Goodwin

On Dublin Street – Samantha Young

D: Drink of choice while reading

E: E-reader or physical book                                                                         

Ah, well I haven’t quite given up on my dream of owning a grandiose library with all of my favorite books but alas, I am human and have taken to the convenience of the Kindle. It fits in my purse and since I’m usually reading more than one book at a time – I don’t have to choose between the two. I get to carry them both (plus all of the other books I’ve read on my Kindle) in a little device. I still buy books though – I recently vacationed in Denver and got a bunch of books at The Tattered Cover (which is AMAZING, if you are ever in the area you have to check it out).

 F: Fictional character you probably would’ve dated in high school 

Christian Grey*

*probably sarcasm

 G: Glad you gave this book a chance                                                                 

Me Before You – JoJo Moyes

It was recommended to me by a friend with the promise that it’d make me cry (not hard to do though if I’m completely honest) and that it’d really make me take a good look at life. I put it off, concerned I wasn’t emotionally ready for a heart-wrenching book. However, when I finally sat down to read it I’m pretty sure I read straight through to the end. Might’ve stopped for a couple hours of sleep here and there- but it was amaze and I’m SO glad to have read it. 

H: A hidden gem book                                                                                       

A Doll’s House – Henrik Ibsen

Ok so this is a play. I also don’t know if it’d be considered a ‘hidden gem,’ but I love it. It is an incredibly thought-provoking look at women’s rights and the institution of marriage.

 I: Important moment in your reading life                                               

Reading Beloved by Toni Morrison.

Absolutely, without a doubt, one of my most favoritest books of all time ever and ever.

 J: Just finished                                                                                                  

Easy (Contours of the Heart – Book 1) – Tammara Webber

K: Kinds of books you won’t read                                                                      

I will read just about anything as long as it doesn’t condone homophobia, racism etc. etc. 

L: Longest book you’ve ever read                                                              

Gosh, I just recently read The Golfinch by Donna Tartt and I think that was close to 800 pages. I also think the longest Harry Potter book is around the same length so one of the two!

M: Major book hangover because of                                                            

Ok, this is so embarrassing to admit but I definitely had a huge cloud of depression/hangover-like-symptoms after reading Twilight. I’m also one of the most ridiculous persons I have ever known so keep that in mind while reading. I was on vacation at a beautiful beach resort in Mexico on spring break with lots of people who were in love surrounding me on the daily. I was there with my parents. I had JUST broken up with my boyfriend of like 4 years who I thought I’d one day marry and have hundreds of cute little Asian/American babies with. So clearly reading a novel about unequivocal love kinda got me fucked up in the head. Needless to say I spent the plane ride home depressed, thinking I’d never find a love quite like Bella and Edwards**

**I realize now that not finding a love like Bella and Edward is more positive than negative.

N: Number of bookcases you own                                                                

None at the moment, but I’m desperately trying to find where to purchase this bad boy.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.47.00 PM 

O: One book you’ve read multiple times                                                           

I’m a chronic re-reader. So most books that I’ve liked, I’ve read more than once. I’m usually reading multiple books at once because one or two of them are books I’ve already read. 

P: Preferred place to read                                                                         

Comfy couch, chair, bed.

 Q: Quote that inspires you or gives you all the feels                                     

R: Reading regret                                                                                            

The One and Only – Emily Giffin.

Bought this book on an impulse when I was sitting in the lounge chairs at Costco waiting for them to finish putting new tires on my car. It was brand new and it was only available in hardback. AKA… expensive

And it was SO bad.

S: Series that you’ve started and needed to finish                                           

The series of unfortunate events! At this point, I’m way too old for them now but, I never finished them when I was younger and always wanted to know what happened to those kids. 

T: Three of your all-time favorite books                                                           

Just three. What kind of awful person created this question.

(In no particular order)

The Harry Potter Series – J.K. Rowling, Beloved – Toni Morrison, Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen, The Kite Runner – Khaled Houssini, The Nightingale – Kristin Hannah, The Goldfinch – Donna Tartt

I could keep going but since I’ve already possibly listed more than 3, I will stop there.

U: Unapologetic fan girl for                                                                          

The Harry Potter series. Pretty sure I can still remember my parents screaming at me to put the first book down and I was all…


V: Very excited for this release                                                                                   

So very excited for Mindy Kaling’s new book, Why Not Me?   

W: Worst bookish habit                                                                                

100% reading while at work. (This is not part of my job description). I usually read on my lunch everyday and sometimes the book is just to good to put down while in my cubicle.

I wish I was being more facetious, this has happened way to many times.

*aggressively prays to all dieties no one from work ever finds this blog*

 X: X marks the spot pick the 27 book on your shelf                                              

Since I don’t have a bookshelf I will tell you the 27th book on my TBR list… The Wilds – Julia Elliot

Y: Your latest book purchase                                                                             

I just downloaded Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen and Aziz Ansari’s new book Modern Romance.

 Z: ZZZ-snatcher book (last book that kept you up WAY late)                   

An Untamed State. Such a gripping book, I could NOT put it down.

Until next time my little bookish angels (it will sooner rather than later, I promise)



  1. Sydney Bollinger

    Yes! Someone else who loves their kindle and re-reads like crazy! Also, you’re def not too old for A Series of Unfortunate Events. Those books are awesome (so you should finish them) and there is a lot of humor that kids don’t get in those books that us older people will!

    Loved this tag!

    Liked by 1 person

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