BOOK REVIEW | Easy (Contours of the Heart #1) – Tammara Webber

“I’d always disparaged the games people played in pursuit of love- or the next hookup. The whole thing was a competition to see who could get how far, and I could never figure out if there was more luck or skill involved, or some unknowable combination of the two. People rarely said what they thought, or revealed how they felt. No one was honest.” – Tammara Webber, Easy (Contours of the Heart, #1)

Easy follows a college sophomore, Jacqueline, post break-up with longtime asswipe love turned frat-boy-party-animal drone. In typical girl fashion, she finds herself miserable, heartbroken and unable to attend the class they had together. (Which no judgement here girl, we’ve all been there. When Pete Wentz announced him and Ashlee Simpson were getting married I didn’t get out of bed for a week.)

In her efforts to move-on, Jacqueline decides it’s time to rage her FACE off. Juuuust kidding, she’s DD’ing herself and her roommate to and from a party thrown by the aforementioned ex-boyfriends’ Frat. (sober Sally’s unite!) As Jacqueline leaves the party (sans roommate who is going to pound-town with her boytoy), she is attacked by an unrelenting douche-monster. A stranger, who seems to appear out of nowhere, comes to her defense, beating up the douche-monster Pacquiao style. This stranger, whom she soon learns is Lucas, is (but, OF COURSE)- a brooding, beautiful, artistic, smart man (um, hey where are these dudes in real life?), who also happens to be in her econ class (which she has been skipping on the reg) AND works at a little-known coffee shop, Starbucks, which she frequents. They soon begin a seeing each other, but Lucas keeps himself at arms-length, refusing to reveal the secrets he keeps.

 After missing her Econ midterm, Jacqueline grovels to her teacher who assigns her a makeup project and a tutor to help her play catch-up. (Yo, none of my professors were this sympathetic, a little salty over here). Although only able to correspond via e-mail, Jacqueline and her tutor find themselves engaging in a flirty email repertoire. Jacqueline finds herself dealing with the fall out after her attack along with, catching up in school, keeping family problems at bay, and deciphering her conflicting feelings about the allusive men in her life. Amidst all this chaos, the douche-monster is not content leaving Jacqueline be, and as she struggles to keep her worlds straight and protect herself- worlds will collide and secrets will be revealed. 

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not totally social media literate. I’ve got twitter down, but I don’t keep up with the other sites regularly. So when I entered this book blogging world and saw how many different sites there were, I was slightly totally overwhelmed. While trying to navigate goodreads, netgalley and the likes- I managed to amass quite a TBR list. Which, I know – totally shocking for someone who blogs about books. A giant TBR list? Surely, a misnomer. Anyway, I stumbled upon this book while trolling goodreads and it seemed to be a good ‘filler’ book. What I mean by that is, after reading a heavy, intense, emotionally draining book, I like to read a light, fun book after it. It helps me decompress and recover from the ever-present book hangover symptoms. (I’d also like to say that a ‘filler’ book does not necessary mean the book is lacking in quality of writing, plot or characterization- just a subject matter that is more fun/upbeat rather than emotionally compromising). After reading The Nightingale and having every emotion in the world thrown at me, I was in desperate need of a filler book.

So getting down to it, would I recommend this book? Nah, I’d say skip. While the book had the potential to take an issue like sexual assault and create a dynamic story around it, the emotional development of the characters (particularly Jacqueline) make it fall completely flat. Beyond that, the Jacqueline/Lucas story line didn’t give me all the feels like I would expect from a Mature YA/NA book. I certainly didn’t hate this book by any means, just didn’t find it particularly wonderful.

Do any of y’all have ‘filler’ books? What are you recommendations for decompressing from an intense book?



  1. hopelessbookaddict

    I feel exactly the same way about filler books. Nice, light reads after an emotionally traumatising one. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of luck with them recently, but I would recommend Stephanie Perkins or Jennifer L. Armentrout. They’re always a lot of fun to read 🙂

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  2. Fillet books! I have never referred to any of the books I read as fillers. But I don’t think they are any better or worse than novels that are not given this label. As you said, they are just a little more light-hearted and fun, like a comedy movie after a life-alternating or horror movie.
    By the way, nice review.

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  3. I like your idea of filler books!! I usually decompress with a cute and fluffy YA contemporary not even NA because NA can deal with pretty emotional issues.
    And omg, I’ve been literally looking everywhere for someone who didn’t think this book was basically the sun. I thought it was chock full of stereotypes and there was some slut-shaming which was bleh and Lucas’s backstory at the end felt really contrived..I could rant forever about this book.

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    • I HAVE to have a fun book after an emotional one or I just can’t quite move on. Too many emotions haha. But seriously, this book has sooooo many good reviews but I was not impressed at all. I think once the book starts using to many of the typical YA/NA stereotypes I start to just check out.


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