I adore technology. Having a kindle is probably one of the most convenient purchases I’ve ever made. It keeps all my books in a lightweight little device, saves my highlights, without an actual highlighter and it never looses my place. (I’m looking at you, fickle bookmarks!) I can look up the definitions to words and buy new books at 3:30 in the morning when I’ve had too much diet coke to drink and I can’t sleep.

Now, with that being said, I still find myself still drawn to independent bookstores. I LOVE them. There is just something so homey and relaxing about perusing through aisles and aisles of books, reading all the staff recommendations and buying a pile of books with that wonderful book smell. I knew that after visiting The Tattered Cover in Denver I had to make more of an effort to visit all the independent bookstores in my neighborhood and beyond. After all, I’m just a hop and skip away from Los Angeles, which gives me an eclectic variety of different places to explore.

So that brings me to my very first, my inaugural, my introductory, my numero uno “Bookstore Adventures.” Today, we are traveling to the heart of L.A. and stoping at an amazing little place: Skylight Books.


Located in the heart of Los Feliz, Skylight Books is the perfect indie bookstore for its neighborhood. The shop gives off a seriously hipster vibe, but I don’t mean this in a negative way! While it has traces of industrial and urban styles with its wooden beams and exposed brick, the shop is still so bright and airy at the same time. Which, to be honest, isn’t all that surprising given that it has an *actual* tree in the heart of the shop.

Little Blog of Books - Skylight books

I went on a quiet Friday afternoon and couldn’t help but fall in love with this little store. The staff was friendly and inviting, and the books were exceptionally organized. My favorite part about visiting bookstores is always reading the staff recommendations. Skylight was no exception. However, these recommendations weren’t exclusive to new releases and popular titles, they were on all different genres: new, old, fiction, self-help, graphic novels, YA and everything in between. That to me, is something special. You get the real feeling that the employees there are real-live bookworms, which makes for a wonderful book-browsing experience.

little blog of books - Skylight books

Their website boasts author events upon author events, and they have tons of signed books on their shelves. I happened to be lucky enough to wander in here on a day where all their signed books were 15% off. (Go me!) They also have a fun section with journals, greeting cards, punny t-shirts and the like. And, should you be so lucky, you may find yourself with a new furry friend, purring and keeping you company while you browse.

little blog of books

Hope you enjoyed this Bookstore Adventure! What are your favorite things about independent bookstores?


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