DIY DIARIES | Indoor plants & hiding cords

Hello humans and welcome to my first DIY post! I’m sure you are all well aware that I am a certifiable bookworm but, when I’m not reading or working (aka pretending to work while actually reading, hehehe), I am often trolling the aisles Home Goods and pinterest boards for DIY projects and interior design ideas!

Since I *somewhat* recently moved, I thought “WOW! What a perfect opportunity to take all these ideas that I’ve gotten from pinterest, and my new favorite app, Houzz and re-do my room.” Now, I have slowly but surely been making my pinterest dream room into a reality, and I can’t resist sharing them! This small little project came about because I was having quite the predicament with my T.V. cords. See evidence below.

IMG_2955 IMG_2952

Not cute. Not into it.

So how do I hide those pesky cords? There is no way to move them. I HAVE to have my Netflix. Without 30 Rock, Parks and Rec and Gilmore girls at the push of a button, I will cease to exist as a normal human being.

I thought about doing white cord covers, but they were still too bulky and noticeable. Thankfully, while on one of my weekly Home Goods runs, I found this gem.

But really, I am NOT joking when I say weekly Home Goods run. I go there way more often than anyone in their right mind should.

The best part? It was on clearance… for 3 bucks! I am ALL about finding cost effective ways to achieve the look I want. I knew me and this chevron stripped bucket were meant to be. Now I just had to figure out how to make it

Then I thought, why not throw in some dirt, and an indoor plant into this baby to camouflage my T.V. cords? Also, P.S. I’m REALLY obsessed with indoor plants. My cubicle at work… it is a full on forrest.

Anyway, I hopped on over to my local Home Depot to pick up an indoor plant to solve all my cord problems. I grabbed two (of what I call) Devil’s Ivy however, the actual scientific name is ‘epipremnum aurem’ which I will never attempt to pronounce. I love these plants. Not only are they super easy to care for- just a little water about once a week, depending on where the plant is, and some minor leaf trimming every now and then. So simple! I don’t claim to have any kind of green thumb but this plant is easy to keep alive! I also love the marble leaves, they are gorgeous and it is so full and leafy that it looks great just about anywhere. Basically: the perfect plant.

Now, for the actual planting, I’d HIGHLY recommend you do this outside. I almost insist upon it. You do NOT want to be cleaning dirt out little cracks inside your house. No matter how many pieces of newspaper you put down, the dirt just travels. The planting is super simple. Just make sure to fill the dirt up high enough so that when you set the plant down inside, it’s not too far down. Make sure to press down lighty to pack the dirt together once you set the plant down inside. After planting, I did some light trimming to ensure there weren’t any dead leaves and stray branches.

Now, check out this bad boy! It looks so cute in front of my T.V. and I spent a total of $17 dollars and 15 minutes. Not bad for a totally cute and functional piece.

Any questions let me know! I would also love to hear about your own Home Goods finds or your favorite plants! 


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