DIY DIARIES | Cubicle Creativity

Can y’all believe it is already the first week of October? I can’t. Truly. Here in California we are still having 90+ degree weather. What is fall?

Sometimes, living in year-round sunshine makes me forget that ACTUAL seasons exist. Which is why my cubicle is ALWAYS seasonal with festive decorations to help me get into the spirit. I decided that before I put my halloween/fall cubicle decorations up, I’d share my summer stuff.


Having a creative cubicle is essential for me. I believe that changing up my scenery every few weeks/months is definitely helpful in breaking up the monotony of work life.


Most of the stuff you see pictured have been gifts from my sweet colleagues or friends. Sometimes I feel like a little kid having so many knick knacks around but I don’t care because they rock!


Now, y’all know I love me some indoor plants, so of course I have some in my office. They actually grow so well there so I have a little mini forest. Special appearance by my balloon flamingo, Fernando.


Last but not least, I love having pictures up. Gotta have my fur children and best friends up on the wall ❤

Check back later this month to see how my cubicle evolves for fall. Happy October!!



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