“Love isn’t always pretty, Tate. Sometimes you spend all your time hoping it’ll eventually be something different. Something better. Then, before you know it, you’re back to square one, and you lost your heart somewhere along the way.” – Colleen Hoover, Ugly Love

You can’t see me (hopefully) but I’m already rolling my eyes because I can’t even take that nice quote seriously because this book pretty much just infuriated me. I’ve seen it floating around all over the book community but hadn’t gotten a chance to read it until now…kinda wish I hadn’t.

First off, I’d like the address the rumors that it’s becoming a movie?! I have no idea if that’s true but I’m so confused if it is true. I mean how… and why?? It would just be a movie of two attractive people going to pound-town like they were just released from 20-years in solitary confinement mixed in with a couple flashbacks to some 17-year old kid who thinks he’s in love with his step-sister to be.

If it wasn’t obvious… I didn’t like this book. Which makes me sad because I generally really enjoy Colleen Hoover’s writing. For me it came down to a couple of things: One, being my issue with Tate’s character. I try to be pretty forgiving with female characters in books with romance as the main plot driver. I know a lot of these types of stories don’t really allow for an emotionally strong female character (which is sad but I realize that not every character can be to my exacting specifications). That being said- Tate was unbearably weak-minded. She frequently admits to letting Miles ‘use her’ because she couldn’t resist him and was sure he’d come around to the idea of a relationship.

Listen, sex is great, and great sex is really great but COME ON- no man is attractive enough or amazing enough in the sack to make it okay for you to strip yourself of your dignity. Speaking of ‘men,’ Miles the male lead of this story, is just an emotionally stunted man-child. And you know what, I’m not sure if he’s more annoying in present-day or in the flashbacks of him as a 17 year old. Either way, I’ll pass.

Now, this next issue is a little more complicated. I’ve read my fair share of Colleen Hoover: Confess, Maybe Someday, Slammed, Hopeless and now Ugly Love. By the time I got to Ugly Love I realized that Colleen Hoover uses the same general plot in all these stories. It starts with an attractive girl moving to a new town for whatever reason. She meets cute boy who is *usually* a neighbor (or within close proximity) to her home dewlings. They are INSTANTLY drawn to one another but, there is some earth-shattering secret that one of them is keeping that either: A. prevents them from being together or B. will break them apart. Once secret has been revealed, they must confront the past and then resolve their conflict so we can get to all the wonderful rainbows and butterflies and whatnot.

To be fair, I am very aware that this is a common plot structure that many books and authors follow. Generally I think that it works pretty well when the story and writing is really strong. If I’m completely engrossed in a story, I’m not going to be aware of, or notice the plot structure until I sit down and analyze the book. However, with Ugly Love it was so apparent from the first chapter that these characters were going to go through these exact motions that it wasn’t fun to read. That coupled with the infuriating characters makes this my least favorite CoHo book thus far.

I have seen a ton of people rave about this book and I understand, I can tell there are moments intended to make the reader smile and chuckle, moments that are supposed to make you feel the feels… I just didn’t smile, chuckle or feel any feels. BUT Colleen Hoover has written some great books that do make me smile and chuckle and feel the feels so while I don’t recommend this book (at all!) I can say that CoHo is definitely an author you should experience.

If you’ve read Ugly Love, what were your thoughts?



  1. Ugh. So sorry it wasn’t a hit for you. But I really enjoyed reading your review. You make really nice points and omg, I’ve just realized that CoHo indeed uses the same plot. I haven’t read her Hopeless and Slammed though. well-done review!

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  2. I read Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover because so many people said this was their favorite CoHo book and I wanted to see why everyone loves her. I thought it was just ok but I didn’t think it was really mindblowing or really that emotional for me :/

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  3. ‘Ugly Love’ was my first CoHo book and I loved it, but I’m re-reading it this month for my October TBR and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be reading it differently after seeing your post.
    But in CoHo’s defense, she writes honest stories, there are women who would put aside their dignity for an attractive male and there are guys who would ‘use’ said woman because he is emotionally stunted on some level. A lot of people don’t enjoy CoHo because her characters do not have redeeming traits and are mostly screwed up. But it’s an honest reflection of society, a lot of people do not have redeeming traits and they are screwed up, CoHo just doesn’t sugar coat it.

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  4. I enjoyed Ugly Love when I read it because it was the kind of book I was seeking at the time. It is kinda just the same as every other NA novel out there (I haven’t read anything else by CoHo yet). I think I enjoyed it because it had a bit more depth and was better written than most NA novels I’ve read.

    I’m pretty sure that there’s a movie in the works but I also agree that it probably wouldn’t be a great movie. If they follow the plot of the book, the film will be over in 30 minutes max.

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