13 THURSDAY | current obsessions

Hello and happy Thursday bloggers! I always love Thursdays because I feel like the hardest hump of the week is over and now I feel invincible. The weekend is coming! So here I am, just sippin’ my morning coffee and I decided I want to start *what I hope will be* a new weekly feature here, inspired by B.J. Novak’s new list app! I LOVE to make lists. Almost everyday at work, I make one for myself so now, every Thursday I will create a topic and some sort of list of 13 things because I like odd numbers and alliterations. Follow me at @bornmegan on the List app, I will be posting these (among other lists) on there as well!

Today’s list is 13 things I’m currently obsessed with!

  1. The List App… duh! It is so simple but so entertaining.
  2. Halloween makeup tutorials. I love watching them and then trying to convince my friends to let me try it on them.
  3. Having some cooler weather here in Southern California… finally
  4. Undateable live on NBC. This show seriously cracks me up…. There is no 4thwall whatsoever and I’ve never been happier about it.
  5. Mochi topping at Yogurtland. I’m pretty finicky about my froyo toppings but lately been dousing my fav flavors with some delish mochi!
  6. Photography, finally getting back into it and it’s so hard trying to teach yourself but I’m trudging along
  7. Snickerdoodle flavored coffee creamer… GET IN MA BELLY.
  8. Makeup forever’s contouring duo. I’m not super into doing a complex contouring makeup routine because I gotta be at work around 7 so the less time things take me in the morning… the better. But this palette is perfect for adding some color to face and it blends SUPER easily.
  9. Amazon prime… honestly someone needs to take away my amazon account because I order stuff NONSTOP!
  10. The new unicorn emoji… finally an emoji that captures my true essence
  11. These dark, glitter ombre nails I’ve been rocking
  12. James Bay – his album is MY JAM lately!
  13. The Weight Watchers App! Ya girl is going to Europe next summer so I’m doing my best to try and get healthy and get into shape, this app makes it infinitely easier!

    what are you guys currently obsessing over?


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