I’M BACK | updates

Well look who appears to be back from the dead… (hint… it’s me). Wow, it has been a HOT second since I’ve posted on here. I feel like I should reintroduce myself… Hi, I’m Megs and I love books (amongst other things). giphy

You might be wondering why the 2 month unexplained hiatus? Well to sum it up quite nicely… just wasn’t feeling inspired. I’ve had so much going on personally and professionally that I wasn’t reading and the creative juices just weren’t flowing. But the good news is that the holidays are over and I’m feeling ready to get back on track (still busy AF at work but that’s fine, we can deal).

I hate to be cliche, but new year… new blog? I’ve got some new ideas for this little blog, I can’t to share them, so I hope you all enjoy them. Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I have been missing reading all of  y’alls posts and talking about books (and more) with you wonderful humans. So here’s to a new year and some inspired blogging!


Hope you all had a very happy holiday season!


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