13 THURSDAY | resolutions I can actually keep

SooOOooOoo technically its not thursday, but forgive me as I have just *finally* caught up on all the sleep I missed between stressing over a work presentation, accidental Netflix marathons and New Years celebrations!


I know some think it’s cliche, but you know what? I like the idea of New Years Resolutions. A new year can mean a fresh start so why not try and implement some positive changes right? Well I’m all about that, but I’m also about being realistic and consistent so here are 13 resolutions that I don’t think I’ll have any problem keeping…


  1. Show my emotions through GIF’s
  2. Watch Netflix… all the time (Parks and rec and gilmore 5 everrrr)
  3. Squeal with joy every time my dog does something cute
  4. Procrastinate putting gas in my car until I’m about to run out completely and have to call Triple A.
  5. Use paper plates because I’m too lazy to rinse off a dish and put it away
  6. Order a ton of things I don’t truly need off my amazon prime account because 1 day shipping is the best
  7. Set 8 alarms and turn them all off every single morning and sleep in until I’m about to be late
  8.  Watch Fixer Upper on loop and contemplate moving to Texas and asking Chip and Joanna to adopt me
  9. Sarcasm. All the sarcasm. All the time.
  10. Go to Home Goods at least once every other week
  11. Complain about ‘how tired I am,’ and that ‘I need starbucks’
  12. Go to target looking for one thing, and come out with 23 things.
  13. Read, lots and lots and lots and lots and lots AND LOTS OF BOOKS!

Happy 2016 my friends!! May your resolutions be as easy to keep as mine are!


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