BOOK REVIEW | night road – kristin hannah

“Maybe time didn't heal wounds exactly, but it gave you a kind of armor, or a new perspective. A way to remember with a smile instead of a sob.” - Kristin Hannah, Night Road

Now, I’m not going to lie- I read this book a few moons ago but I didn’t get a chance to review it before my mini hiatus and that was a damn shame. Because – AS USUAL – Kristin Hannah ripped my heart straight from my chest cavity, threw it into the darkest depths of the ocean and skipped away leaving me try and put my life together afterword.

I’m fine.

(probably not though)


Night Road is a complex story that follows the Farraday family- an idyllic, upper class, fancy schmany family and Lexi, the new girl in town, with a rough childhood but a good heart. When the Farraday twins, Zach and Mia, befriend Lexi, ‘helicopter mom’ Jude Farraday has her reservations about their budding friendship. Lexi quickly becomes an inextricable part of their family, and they are inseparable as they go through high school together. When tragedy strikes them *ominous noises* Hannah gives a heart-wrenching look at the lasting effects that bad decisions, depression and anger can lead too. Night Road is broken into two parts: life before/during tragedy and life some odd number of years later and how the ramifications of the aforementioned tragedy linger ever-so-presently.

Are you hooked yet?? Well you should be. I have to give Kristin Hannah some major props, because I would say there are two ‘plot twists’ in this book. Even though I saw one coming, I still got all sniffly and watery-eyed like I had just stubbed my toe really, really hard. I knew it was coming… I was STILL EMOTIONAL. The second twist I didn’t even see coming. I remember texting my friend (who recommended the book to me) something along the lines of: ‘ARE YOU SERIOUS DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN.”


My only real complaint is the resolution of the major conflicts of the book. Hannah spends so much time exploring the emotions and tribulations of the characters and how they dealt with central tragedy of the book but, (and not to be persnickety) the ending becomes a little to ‘wrapped up in a beautiful bow’ for my taste. Essentially an epiphany, which occurs in RECORD TIME, is the catalyst to resolve all the major conflicts in the book. I felt like I was sitting there doing a double take after because everything was resolved so deftly. I so wished for that final lap of development for these characters and we just didn’t get it. Perhaps this was Hannah’s way of compensating these characters for the emotional trauma that they endured through the duration of the story, and if that’s the case, I believe it. Their happy ending was well-deserved. All in all, an amazing read. I cried. At my desk. 100% real story. If you like Kristin Hannah’s style you will surely love this one.




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