13 THURSDAY | favorite gilmore girls episodes

It’s still Thursday in some part of the world right? No? Well okay, maybe one of these days I’ll post something on time but until then I present you with some incoherent ramblings about why I love these 13 episodes of Gilmore girls so freakin’ much!

(Presented in chronological order, includes spoilers from seasons 1-6)

1. That Damn Donna Reed

Overall this episode is pretty ‘ok.’ But I live for Christopher riding up on his motorcycle and saying “nice shirt, take it off,” to Lorelai. While I’m definitely #TeamLuke forever and always, I love Christopher and his banter with Lorelai. This is his first appearance in the series and it is an A+ from me. (Plus Rory wears this so…)004e658c5f4ef4ed7de2a39c6efb9668

2. Red Light on the Wedding Night

When Lauren Graham says “I didn’t want to try on my wedding dress.” Just rip my heart out. I die. This episode is perfection. It’s always great when you get Emily sassiness, townies and a hungover Lorelai. Great ep, great ep.

3. The Bracebridge Dinner

TOWNIE GALORE. This may be a top 3 all-time favorite episode. Anytime it’s winter in Stars Hallow- magic. But then you add an abundance of Sookie, all my favorite townies, Emily & Richard perfection, and Luke and Jess banter… I’m done. So so so so good. I feel like this is a great episode because it perfectly encapsulates the charm of this show so well. Hats off to Daniel Palladino (the writer) for this episode. 40- something minutes of pure enjoyment.bracebridgedinner

4. Dead Uncles and Vegetables

Sad episode for Luke because you know, his uncle dies, but great episode. Love Rory and Lorelai pitching in at the dinner, Sookie getting giant paper mache mushrooms for “midgets dressed like angels to dance under.” A lot of townies, Sookie, Luke & Jess, fun and quirkiness make for a wonderful ep!

5. A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving

First of all. Lorelai quoting ‘Lady Marmalade’ to her parent’s fancy guests, wonderful. Classic Lorelai. But then you add Dave Rygalski (who may be the best love-interest save for Luke) awesomeness, Mrs. Kim hilarity, Jess and Rory cuteness and I am all for it.


“Bible kiss bible”

6. Those Are Strings Pinocchio

Even if nothing else happened in this episode except Rory’s valedictorian speech then it’d still be up here. Bonus points for the super cute Paris stuff and Lorelai and Sookie buying the Dragonfly Inn. But to top it off? Rory telling Jess off. Yas Rory, go you. (p.s. Jess was a terrible boyfriend but good LORD he is pleasing to the eyes and I love the stories centered around him so I am all about Jess). Overall a VERY special episode.635812325568903750996908313_1

7. The Lorelai’s First Day at Yale

Ah, the origin of the classic Gilly phrase “Cooper Boom.” This episode is so fun and is such a sweet reminder of the relationship Lorelai and Rory share. I love it so much. Also: there is nothing better than finding out Paris has a life coach, crafts corner, is going to Yale and rooming with Rory. A+ all around.

8. The Reigning Lorelai

Kelly Bishop in this episode is perfection. Every.single.moment. (see below). I need to say no more but I will. Lorelei’s breakdown at a lingerie store? Yes. Richard’s intense breakdown. Yes. Doyle’s apparently very close relationship with his Grandma? Yes. Also fun fact: The actress who played Trix (Marion Ross) also plays Marilyn, whose first appearance is in this episode. large_size_GG416-2427_9fb04deb_640x360

9. Written in the Stars

“Lorelai, this thing we’re doing here, me – you. I just want you to know I’m in. I am all in.” I REST MY CASE.written_in_the_stars

10. But Not as Cute As Pushkin

I don’t care what anybody says, the prank Logan pulls on Rory is so charming and cute. I loved every minute of it and found it endlessly amusing.

11. A House is Not a Home

Goodness gracious this episode is truly a doozy. Is there nothing Lauren Graham (Lorelai) can’t do? This might find itself in a top 3 situation. Everything from Rory deciding to drop out of college to Lorelai proposing to Luke. Amazing, thank you ASP.gilmore

12. Twenty-One is the Loneliest Number

Luke eating sushi kills me every single time I watch this episode. Luke giving Rory and necklace ‘because her neck’s not fat,’ Emily freezing out Logan because him and Rory have a more intimate relationship than she’d like, Richard moping in his office during her entire party and Lorelai and Rory in the same room for the first time in forever. Luke telling Lorelai, ‘you can pull linked sausages out of me,’ when she’s upset during the car ride home. SO MUCH YES.

13. The Prodigal Daughter Returns

After seeing the entire series many, many times, this has become my ‘series finale.’ I haven’t watched any episode past this one in so long. Don’t get me wrong there are good moments, there are even AMAZING moments that occur throughout season 6 but for me, this is where I like to stop. When Rory pulls up in her Prius and the end of the episode, I die. I just die. Such a satisfying moment to see Lorelai and Rory back together again.609-295

What are your favorite episodes of Gilmore (if you can bear to choose)?



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