You guys. The date is January 19, 2015 and the last book I read was in November. WHO AM I?  I’m absolutely flummoxed that I’m 19 days into 2016 and I haven’t bought/read/skimmed/glanced at a SINGLE book?! I really need to get into the reading game- the safety of my soul depends on it. Buuut… I’m just not feeling inspired by any of my current go-to authors or genres, so I decided I’d step out of my comfort zone and do the 2016 Popsugar Reading Challenge.

However, I am shameless and so I will beg because I need you. I would be honored, elated, indebted, and forever grateful if ANYONE would suggest books that fit into the below categories. I need something to get me out of this godforsaken reading slump but I can’t do it alone.

 So there we have it 40 books to read this year and I’m losing time quickly so…



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