13 THURSDAY | songs on my gym playlist

You know those people who say that they “can’t live without working out” and that “going to the gym is cheaper than therapy?” Yeah, definitely NOT me. But I STILL GOTTA GO.


& lets be honest- if I’m dragging my ass to the gym I gots to have a good playlist. I can pack a gym bag, have my favorite protein bar and best gym towel but I’m not truly ready for a workout unless I have a good mix of songs to motivate me. So I present to you, some of my best gym songs to date (click the song* to check it out)! Annnddddd to give you an accurate picture of my dedication to a healthy lifestyle… I’m writing this post with a giant plate of spaghetti and texas toast next to me bc carbo loading. AM I RIGHT??


*it is worth noting that some of these songs are live versions. This is not a mistake- I prefer to listen to live songs as they allow me to better visualize the performance I would give if I had fulfilled my true destiny as a popstar while on the elliptical.  

1 Chandelier || Twisted Measure
2 Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year || Fall Out Boy
3 Feather || X Ambassadors
4 Dancing With the Devil || Krewella ft. Patrick Stump & Travis Barker
5 Should’ve Said No/Pour Some Sugar on Me || Taylor Swift & Def Leppard
6 Best Fake Smile || James Bay
7 Hold Me Down || Halsey
8 I’m So Sorry || Imagine Dragons
9 Lay It All On Me || Rudimental ft. Ed Sheeran
10 Beautiful Now || Zedd
11 For a Pessimist I’m Pretty Optimistic || Paramore
12 Making the Most of the Night || Carly Rae Jepson
13 Love On Top || Beyonce

I seriously recommend ALL these songs (and albums). But here I go, shamelessly pandering to my brilliant blog friends- if you have any song suggestions leave ’em in the comments! I’m ALWAYS looking for new tunes 🙂


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