A Definitive Ranking of Dr. Mindy Lahiri’s Love Interests

There are approximately two things I’m excellent at in life: 1. Complaining about warm weather and 2. Obsessing over T.V. shows. Anddddd the latter is what brings you today’s post! An (almost!) comprehensive list of Mindy Lahiri’s suitors on a magical, magical show called The Mindy Project. I’ve ranked these men (as all women should feel free to do to men) and where they rank in my book which, is basically gospel so you know you’re getting some good stuff right here. P.S. #1 might surprise you… Enjoy!c0a7fb9f7d1878b38378560282e919be


11. Tom – Bill Hader

  • After seeing Trainwreck it’s hard to imagine Bill Hader being anything less than adorable, but Tom on The Mindy Project is a straight up hot mess. He goes from romantic comedy perfection to asshole, who ditches Mindy for a younger blonde, to pathetic weirdo who DARES to lay his hands on Casey (as played by Anders Holm) at a frat party, to a straight up perv who sells a sex tape of him and Mindy just as her and Danny try to find their footing. No thank you!mindy2_thumb_560x376

10. Josh – Tommy Dewey

  • Such a tragic story. Josh was an asshole but he was so cute about it you almost forgave him for threatening to take another girl to a Halloween party. But then you find out he’s made Mindy… the other woman (and at their joint christmas party?!) It all ends with him in rehab. Good riddance, Josh.tumblr_mru5ekbgqb1sy1cdeo3_1280

9. Jamie – B.J. Novak

  • I mean, it’s B.J. I believe it’s the wet dream of any fan of “The Office” to see these two together again. However, he’s in love with his best friend and Mindy has to elighten him of this fact at the Empire State Building (aka Mindy’s most romantic place). So… not a total win for Mindy- but it was fun!tumblr_inline_mhec17tuzq1qz4rgp

8. Graham – Timothy Oliphant

  • It’s my actual dream to be living in New York City and have a man jump on subway tracks for me, so this was a real winner in fulfilling my own personal fantasies.new-girl-men-4-nocrop-w529-h312

7. Matt – Seth Meyers

  • SETH MEYERS IS AN ACTUAL ANGEL AND CAN DO NO WRONG. So no matter what his arc was, I would’ve enjoyed it immensely. It was just a bonus that his story was so cute. Can someone buy 6 different cups of froyo for me?rs_1024x759-130508161410-1024-mindy2-mh-050813

6. Brendan Deslaurier – Mark Duplass

  • Ok so Mindy and Brenden didn’t actually date… it was more of a hook up buddy situation. However, their chemistry makes me giggle like I’m in 6th grade and just insulted the boy I like!asdf

5. Cliff – Glenn Howerton

  • Cliff loves his Gram and sings along to Jewel’s “You Were Meant for Me” when he’s heart broken, what a dude. Unfortunately, he didn’t hold a candle to Danny’s kissable lips, but he was a fun interlude.the-mindy-project-magic-morgan-1-portable

4. Sam – Seth Rogan

  • One of my favorite episodes is Mindy’s date with Sam. And no, not just because he gets a tattoo that’s meant to say “Army” but stops at “Arm” because ‘hey, it’s accurate’ or because Mindy asks him if his Army shirt is from Urban Outfitters and I had to pause the show because I was laughing so hard. This is such a standout episode for me and Seth and Mindy have AMAZE chemistry in it. She also briefly mentions their make-out sesh in her book!seth-rogen-mindy-project

3. Charlie – Tim Daly

  • I almost wish Charlie wasn’t the catalyst for Danny to realize his feelings for Mindy because oh my god I love him so much. I would have loved to see him with Mindy for a longer period of time but even the time we do get with him is so great. He’s a little bit like Danny in that he is gruff and pretty grumpy but it works so well in a completely different way. It was great to see him encourage Mindy towards independence but even greater to see him help Mindy out while drugged out after her webbed toe surgery… because of course.960

2. Danny Castellano – Chris Messina

  • When I was typing Messina’s name I typed “Christ” instead of Chris and if that’s not a Freudian slip, I don’t know what is. I remember falling deeply in love with his character when he utters the phrase “I fear the ocean out of respect” (SAME DUDE, SAME), because that is Danny. I call his amazing little one-liners, Danny-isms. They are so innocuous, but so freakin’ hilarious. Now before you start – I know it is controversial to put Danny Castellano in the number 2 spot. I mean, we’ve all seen his dance moves (goodbye, panties) and his gruff- but *adorable* personality. Who didn’t swoon when he told Mindy to stop sucking it in and embrace her womanly curves? (That was rhetorical because I know you swooned or else you are a soulless monster). I love Danny, and I love his chemistry with Mindy but he’s being a REAL d-bag this season. I also believe, I’m not wrong in assuming that maybe the goal of the writers is to make us not love Danny as much right now. (I’m still waiting for my invite to the writer’s room to confirm this). So until Danny decides to look up the definition of feminism and redeems himself by running through the crowded streets of the Universal lot New York with a Bruce Springsteen song playing in the background, I must keep him at number 2.bde93da8-ed7e-4131-b584-8ffda7ee751b

1. Casey – Anders Holm

  • Sweet, sweet Casey. I loved him from the first second we meet him blocking Mindy from getting off the subway with his ‘Haiti boxes.” His character is so effortlessly hilarious and I fall in love with him each time he makes an appearance. I will take Casey anyway I can- pastor, D.J., or shoe mogul, just give me all the Casey there is. I might love him so much because him and Mindy were so weird-cute, which is pretty much my ultimate relationship goals. So, he’s pretty much my dream dude but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that him and Mindy just worked SO WELL TOGETHER. While I think Danny is a good counter-balance to Mindy’s outrageousness, Casey plays to it in a different way that is so fun to watch. Their breakup was harder to stomach than any of my real-life breakups and to be honest, I’m not sure I’ve completely moved on. I geniunely hope we get to see more of Casey, even if him and Mindy aren’t together anymore. Tragic, but like I said- I’ll take all the Casey I can get my paws on.



Where do your favorite Mindy Men rank?


  1. Ha, what a fun post. What a blast to be in Mindy Khaling’s position and choose whichever actors I want to play my boyfriends. Okay, now for the list you’ve put together, I say Josh wins for being the cutest, Matt wins for being, well, Seth Myers, and Danny wins for being the sexiest dancer and possibly the most sensuous kisser.

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