CAMERA LENS | opteka fisheye

I feel like I always come back here with some cute line like… “Hey guys wow, has it been a hot minute!” Someone teach me to get my shit together because I have at least half a dozen half-written reviews in my e-mail drafts (oddly thats where I write my posts) but can’t seem to find the motivation to sit down and finish them. So in the meantime, I bring you a post all about photography! (A subject I am even less qualified to talk about!)

As an amateur photography-hobbyist (I stress amateur here for a reason) it’s been quite daunting trying to figure this whole world out. I knew I needed something else besides my kit lens but, starting out I have no idea what kind of things I want to photograph. Do I get a wide angle for landscapes and architecture? Do I get a macro lens for water droplets and butterflies? A prime lens for portraits? I didn’t want to invest in a lens I wouldn’t end up using because they are expensive as hell, baby! I ended up purchasing a ‘fish-eye’ lens on a whim during a sleepless night… (damn you, Amazon prime) which incidentally, isn’t super useful for any of the above photography categories I listed but is really fun and creative.

The Opteka 6.5mm/F3.5 aspherical fisheye lens is on the ‘cheaper’ side (I say that in quotes because I mean, you’re still gonna drop a $100+ dollars because this is such a bougie hobby but, I digress). Now, when I think of a fisheye lens, I generally imagine the really distorted curved photos. This lens is not quite that dramatic. You do get a super wide angle, and some of that bulging quality but not a true rounded edge… which I’m totally cool with.

The lens itself is completely manual. Yes. An amateur photographer purchased a lens the camera doesn’t even recognize… because that makes sense right?! Fortunately it’s been pretty easy to use and a little a lot of online reading has helped me figure out how to set the aperture/ISO depending on what kind of light I’m in. I feel it does best in natural, outdoor light. I wasn’t too thrilled with the images I took inside a museum but with more practice perhaps I could shoot indoors. Check out some of my favorite images I’ve gotten from this little lens, below and follow me on instagram to see more photos!

What lens is your go-to? Any photographers/photography enthusiasts feel free to share any photography tips you’ve picked up over the years with me (pleaseee)!

Shot with a Canon Rebel T5, Opteka 6.5mm/f3.5 lens.
© 2016 Megan Bornman




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