13 THURSDAY | Fav RomComs

I usually describe myself as a person with an ice cold, black, dead heart. Barely beating. It’s a miracle I’m actually alive. Every once in a blue moon, the oceans, stars and sun align and the ice encapsulating my heart slowly starts to thaw. I catch a couple feelings and remember that humans exist in a world in which they feel. What is this mystical force that aligns the stars and the suns? ROMCOMS. So if any of you dead heart syndrome suffers would like to experience ‘feelings,’ or you just need a fun movie- here are some of my favorites:

13. The Wedding Date

Every single time I hear the line, “I’d rather fight with you than make love to anybody else, and I think I’d miss you even if we’d never met…” ICE COLD HEART MELTING.


12. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This list obviously wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Matthew McConaughey. Him and Kate Hudson are so fun in this movie. I love all the romantic tension they give us.


11. Clueless

Maybe one of the first documented instances showing Paul Rudd to be a flawless human man. (Side note: he doesn’t age. I believe this to be because he is waiting for his true love, [me] to catch up to him and then the natural aging process will start. My theory is supported by zero facts). This is one of those movies that will be quoted in buzzfeed articles until the end of time because of its unassuming but brilliant dialogue.


10. Trainwreck

Dear Jesus, thank you for Amy Schumer and this movie. I’m currently single but should I get the opportunity, I will definitely sabotage a relationship with someone so I can win him back by performing an elaborate choreographed dance routine with the Knicks City Dancers.


9. The Princess Bride

Can anyone explain why they love this movie so much? It’s just so good.


8. Warm Bodies

Don’t you DARE try and convince me that this zombie apocalypse movie isn’t also an amazing romcom. I mean Nicholas Hoult as a zombie who loves Bruce Springsteen? Such a charming movie and I love every minute of it.


7. She’s the Man

Channing Tatum pre-Magic Mike is still magical but this is Amanda Bynes at her greatest and I will always remember her this way. Gouda forever.


6. 13 Going On 30

I swear I didn’t realize my type was romcom leading man turned Marvel superhero but Mark Ruffalo in this movie is dream dude status, for sure. But I would be REMISS if I didn’t point out that Jennifer Garner is the sweetest, most adorable human ever. I could watch them dance to thriller any day, any time.


 5. The Holiday

I love everything about this movie but I think I love the chemistry between Jack Black and Kate Winslet the most.


4. The Proposal

Not only did I cry the first time I saw this movie because I thought Betty White’s character was actually dying but I also realized that Ryan Reynolds might be the perfect male specimen? Humor, height, his glorious, glorious body and his A+ sarcasm… Which is why it’s only fitting that perfect woman, Sandra Bullock play his love interest.


 3. Bridget Jones’s Diary

Everything about this movie is actually perfect. I think I have already watched it 100 times in 2016 which could mean I have no life but could also mean that Colin Firth is in it and HOW COULD I NOT.


2. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Oh John Corbett, you make me believe in love. This may be the sweetest most endearing movie ever made. Every single minute of it is fun, playful and a joy to watch. (No, I do not want to talk about My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 so please, don’t bring it up.)


1. 10 Things I hate About You

I rest my case.

What are some of your favorite romcoms?! There are inevitably some amazing ones I left off of this list!

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