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Am I allowed to post something today? I know it’s a sacred day- I should be talking about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child but I’m a slacker and JUST placed my amazon order about 10 minutes ago. So while I have yet to get my handsies on one of those babies, I have just finished a grande cold brew from the bucks so I am AMPED AS HECK RIGHT NOW. I assume fellow bloggers and blog readers alike spend copious amounts of time on the internet, as do I. Here is a curated list of some of my favorite things from the past week, enjoy:


I am obsessed with Kelly of StudioDIY and her husband, photographer Jeff Mindell. (Their instagram feeds serve for so much colorful inspiration for mine). I was catching up on her blog posts this week and found this amazing article she posted in her “Happy Weekend/Best Things on the Internet” post. It’s all about being an only child and I found myself vigorously nodding the whole way through. I’m not gearing up for motherhood any time soon, but if you are an only child I think you’ll really relate to the sentiment. (& if you’re not an only child but you have an only child friend- this may help you understand them a little better!)


I might’ve spent an hour at work reading through this thread. So good. If you’re like me and have never won anything- this may console you.


Astronaut Scott Kelly just got back from spending a year in space. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you scroll through his feed, just look what he posted on Friday.


Check out this fun article. My scalp waits about a whole 5 minutes before the oil starts to seep through and make my hair greasy so I am also religious about taking daily showers. Because I have color treated hair, I’m trying to get out of my daily shower habit. Now, while I think 100 layers of dry shampoo is excessive it definitely prompted me to use more than just a spritz and it’s totally changing my hair game!


It feels like Southern California is always ablaze, this post is an amazing behind the scenes look at firefighters doing their incredible work to put out a particularly nasty fire in LA’s Arts District.

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Over 180 firefighters were on scene at The Arts District fire that started at a pallett yard which then spread to six neighboring buildings. @losangelesfiredepartment #LAFD . . I will post the rest of the photos from the DTLA fire on my website ( the link on my profile and head to @happeningindtla's website ( for more photos and story. Will be posting soon! . . . #artsdistrict #downtownla #firemen #firefighters #instagoodmyphoto #best_streetview #urbanromantix #thecreatorclass #createcommune #acreativevisual #streetshared #fatalframes #streetframe #gearednomad #justgoshoot #yngkillers #streetleaks #postthepeople #streetphotography #califirefighters

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Did we all hear the collective shrieks of Gilmore girls fans around the world when the release date of the new Netflix episodes were announced? No? Well you surely did when this trailer was released. I lost my mind, FOR SURE. (Although now I will attempt to avoid all trailers, teasers etc.) I want to sit down in front of the TV on 11/25 and see it all for the first time. That may be the closest thing to a religious experience I will ever partake in.




This game is so fun I played it for 3 straight hours when I first discovered  it. Basically it uses google maps and drops you in a random place and you have to guess where you are. Try it. You WILL get addicted.

What have you been loving on the internet? 

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