ME? Me.

IMG_4348Humans of the world- I see you’ve stumbled upon my piece of real estate in this mystical beast we call the Internet. I presume you care to know a little about who I am. Well, I’m Megan. Will respond to other variations of ‘Megan,’ i.e. Meg, Megs… (you get it). I was born and raised in Orange County, and here I reside. FYI, yes, my life is EXACTLY like “The O.C.,” BUT, no- tragically Seth Cohen and I are not together still.

I recently graduated from college and I often like to torture myself and wonder, “holy moly, is this it?” But I won’t deny being really proud of myself for woking hard in college and getting myself one of those things called a job. Right now, I’m somewhere in the purgatory of feeling like, “hell yeah I have a 401k and a diversified investment portfolio so guess who’s gonna retire LIKE. A. BOSS” & planning my own funeral in fear that I will die of boredom.

So here I am, desperately searching for some sort of creative outlet to cement my diatribes, opinions, thoughts, and musings about books (mostly) and other extremely important thoughts I have into this little blog. I try to infuse a little humor, quirkiness and honesty into everything I do in hopes that you’ll find me funny and give me the validation I’ve been searching for, for so many years.

– Megs 💘

Twitter: bornmegann | Instagram: bornmegan | Pinterest: megannbee | Email: megannbornman @ gmail dot com



  1. Parneet @ The Enchanted Book

    Hi 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the gif. Just the fact that you added a Chris Pratt gif here (Jurassic World for the win!) makes me want to click the follow button immediately and like every one of your posts ❤ But seriously, great blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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